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Certificate of Fitness Renewal

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If you are an individual Certificate of Fitness (COF) holder, enter your 12 digit COF Access ID (8 digit COF# and the last 4 digits of your SSN#) from your renewal notice in the search box below.

If you are experiencing difficulties using your Access ID provided on the renewal documentation, contact pubrenew@fdny.nyc.gov for assistance.
If your home address has changed, promptly submit it to pubrenew@fdny.nyc.gov.

Fill in the field to Search

If you are a company that has previously been approved by FDNY to manage your employee's COF renewals, enter your 8 digit Company Code in the search box.

NOTE: Only Certificates with a company name will be retrieved. Citywide Certificates (without a company name) will not appear in a Company search. To find a Citywide Certificate, use the individual search box and enter the 12 digit Access ID on the renewal notice.